Read the Word

Session 7: Jesus Will Return

Open your Bible and read Revelation 21-22.

Discuss the Word

  1. What did John see in his vision?

    1. Heaven

  2. What came down out of heaven?

    1. A New Jerusalem

  3. What were the city walls made of?

    1. Jewels

  4. What were the streets to be made of?

    1. Gold

  5. What will happen when Jesus comes back?

    1. He will make all things new.

Apply the Word

Use the following questions to begin thinking through and applying the Bible to your family life.

  1. What are some ways we are tempted to be like God, like Adam and Eve did?

  2. How can our family reflect God in our neighborhood and community?

  3. How can we comfort each other with the gospel when we lose a loved one?

    Jesus is the Word

    Jesus promised to come back to the earth soon. When Jesus returns, those who trust in Jesus will be with Him and enjoy Him forever. God will undo every bad thing caused by sin. There will be no more death, no more pain, no more tears. Jesus is making all things new.

    Memorize the Word

    Acts 1:11

    Stay in the Word

    Read the following passages this week:


Dear heavenly Father, we are so amazed at Your grace and mercy. Thank You, Lord, for inviting us to a relationship with You and thank You for providing a way for us to have that relationship! Jesus truly is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. You provide for us in more ways than we can even begin to understand. We love You.