Read the Word

Session 6: Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection

Open your Bible and read Matthew 27:11-66.

Discuss the Word

  1. Did Jesus deserve to be arrested?

    1. No, Jesus never did anything wrong.

  2. How did Jesus die?

    1. Jesus died on the cross.

  3. Where did they put Jesus’ body after He died?

    1. A tomb

  4. Who went to Jesus’ tomb early in the morning?

    1. Mary

  5. What did the Angels tell Mary?

    1. Jesus is alive!

Apply the Word

Use the following questions to begin thinking through and applying the Bible to your family life.

  1. What are some fears our family experiences?

  2. Can you describe the first time you believed the truth of Jesus’ resurrection?

  3. How can our family encourage others who fear death with the truth of Jesus’ resurrection?

    Jesus is the Word

    The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is the center of the gospel. We deserve to die because of our sin, but Jesus died in our place. He was the blood sacrifice made once and for all for the forgiveness of sin. God was pleased with Jesus’ sacrifice and raise Jesus from the dead to reign as King over all creation. We are forgiven only through Jesus.

    Memorize the Word

    Romans 5:8

    Stay in the Word

    Read the following passages this week:


Dear God, thank You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus. Help us to remember that Jesus’ death on the cross

was for us. He died the death we deserve for our sin. We also celebrate because Jesus is alive! Though our bodies may die, we have hope that we too will live forever with You. We love You. Amen.