Session 3: Noah and the Ark

Read the Word

Open your Bible and read aloud Genesis 6–9:8.

Discuss the Word

  1. What did God do to punish people’s sins?

    1. He sent a flood to cover the whole earth.

  2. Who found favor in the sight of the Lord?

    1. Noah

  3. What did God tell Noah to build?

    1. An ark

  4. What was God’s promise to Noah?

    1. God promised to never again destroy the earth with floodwaters.

  5. What sign did God give as a reminder of His covenant?

    1. A rainbow

Apply the Word

Use the following questions to begin thinking through and applying the Bible to your family life.

  1. What are some things that our family does that might grieve God? What steps can we take to change?

  2. What can we learn about God’s love for us through His love for Noah?

  3. How can we model grace to one another?

    Jesus is the Word

    God rescued Noah and his family from the flood. The story of Noah points ahead to a greater rescue. God’s Son, Jesus—the only perfectly righteous One—came to take the punishment for our sin. By trusting in Him, we are saved from the punishment our sin deserves.

    Memorize the Word

    Romans 6:23

    Stay in the Word

    Read the following passages this week:


God, thank You for sending a Rescuer! We deserve to die for our sin, but You loved us and sent Your Son.

Help us to trust You and obey You, for Your glory. Amen.