Session 2: Sin Enters the World

Read the Word

Open your Bible and read aloud Genesis 3.

Discuss the Word

  1. What did God say would happen if Adam and Eve ate the fruit?

    1. They would die.

  2. What did the serpent say would happen?

    1. They would not die and they would be like God.

  3. What did Adam and Eve do when they heard God in the garden?

    1. They hid.

  4. Did God promise that one of Eve’s descendants would destroy the serpent one day?

    1. Yes

  5. Did God let Adam and Eve stay in the garden?

    1. No, God sent them out of the garden.

Apply the Word

Use the following questions to begin thinking through and applying the Bible to your family life.

  1. In what ways do we see the effects of sin in the world?

  2. How should we respond to the brokenness caused by sin?

  3. Because Christ came to take away the guilt of our sin, how should we live for Him?

    Jesus is the Word

    Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, all people have been sinners. Our sin separates us from God, but God still loves us. God promised a Rescuer would come from Eve’s family. God sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue people from sin and bring them back to God.

    Memorize the Word

    Romans 3:23

    Stay in the Word

    Read the following passages this week:


Lord God, we confess that we have not obeyed You perfectly. Thank You for sending Jesus to rescue people

from sin. Give us boldness to share this good news with the world! Amen