Sequoia Church Gospel Project
The Gospel Plan for Us
To Use this Guide

Plan to work on one session per week on a day and time that would work well for your whole household to participate. Each of the seven parts of each session are meant to lead your family to know, love, and apply God's Word. You are free to make this guide work for the individual needs of your family. The “Read the Word,” section directs you to read from the version your family prefers. In “Discuss the Word”; there are suggested questions and answers. In “Apply the Word,” are questions meant to facilitate a deeper discussion with your family. The “Jesus is the Word”; section will show your family that Jesus is at the center of the big story. Each week, there will be a verse to memorize that will deepen your relationships with Christ. Deepen your faith by spending time in God’s Word daily using the “Stay in the Word” passages. Use the prayer given as a model or suggestion but ultimately, God wants to hear what is on your heart. May your family be blessed and refreshed by God’s Word this summer!

Session 1: God Created the World and People
Session 2: Sin enters the World
Session 3: Noah and the Ark
Session 4: Tower of Babel
Session 5: Jesus' Birth
Session 6: Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection
Session 7: Jesus Will Return
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